8 Years Off; First Year Back On

So writing about my own mental health is not something that I do very often. It’s usually in bouts of anxiety or depression swings but I’m getting ahead of myself. I have ADHD and mild anxiety and depression, and for about eight years between 2010 and 2018, I went unmedicated for any of it. I succeeded in making it through college but with the help of a substantial amount of caffeine over the four years. It’s after college where things got difficult.


To say I was white-knuckling it would be an understatement as I worked forty hours a week at a Target in Maryland on a minuscule amount of sleep. I was overstimulated, burnt out, and depressed. I kept blaming the job or the lack of sleep but I was ignoring the signs that my mental health was running my life. I wouldn’t start taking it seriously for another year even after sitting down with family and telling them that I was depressed.


I’m about to cross the year milestone of being back on medication, taking it seriously, and having a “normal” life. Looking back on the year I can honestly say that getting back on medication was the best decision. For me. I’ll never tell someone that medication is the only way because I had to choose to pursue it. I still have trouble regulating my mood (working on that), and because of that, I’ve misread situations that usually have a simple solution.


I have way too many projects and this WordPress is one of them but I think I found the solution. An outlet to better understand my mental health and hopefully help others along the way.

None of this will be scientific or in any way academic. Just me discussing my experiences to understand me.

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