A Writer’s Year-End Musings

The month of December is the most difficult for me creatively. After the writing marathon that is National Novel Writing Month, I feel the wheels beginning to slow and the brakes moving into place bringing me to a screeching halt. I’m thankful for A Low Country Promise’s wildcard character, Amber Clay, the agent of chaos that she is. When I found my back and forth between my two main characters growing stale she did something outrageous that everyone else in the book reacted to. But, November is over and we are halfway through December and I pledged I wouldn’t touch that particular document until after the New Year.

I never mind that pledge but it always leaves me in a creative desert. I battle a brain that craves creativity but lacks direction. I’m thankful for a writer friend of mine, TM Stanton, who suggested I write a blog post. I don’t think she knew it would be about a general lack of creativity but a month-long marathon of writing will do that to the best writer. Still, I’m churning out words.

In the latter half of this month, I’m reflecting on the question: How am I stretching myself as a writer? I’ve learned more about character interaction and development while writing chick-lit but I‘ve realized that my world-building is still lacking.

With that said there might be something more fantastical coming in the new year. As I continue to research into dark fantasy, horror, and the supernatural I can feel my creativity and curiosity being piqued but we shall see. Like writing in general, it’s a process and I’m trying to get mine processing again.

If you are interested in reading about my project from National Novel Writing Month then head over to my Instagram and check out my makeshift cover and a brief synopsis of the project. A Lowcountry Promise finished the month of November with 46,987…

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