And Time Marches On

After two weeks of car troubles from a dead battery to a replacement transmission (under warranty thankfully) the conflict of normal life seemed to bleed into my writing. Scene after scene of my current project consisted of characters at odds with each other without resolution. Even my mild mannered protagonists refused to show me anything but angst leaving Amber, my agent of chaos and antagonist, time to seize the moment and turn it to her advantage.

I spoke with tmstanton about my snowball of tribulation and she just chuckled and asked “Did you just write yourself into your first corner?” It’s not the first corner I’ve written myself into but it definitely was a corner. I begrudgingly answered affirmatively and saw my current word count progress (I’m currently over 11,000 words this month) flash before my eyes as I lay there in a rut waiting for the sunlight to hit me again.

My frustration stemmed from knowing how the story would end and the final scene sat in the forefront of my mind regardless of my penchant for writing in a very linear fashion. I told her as much and shrugged challenging me to write the ending then. It couldn’t hurt, so I double spaced and wrote, at least in part, the conclusion to a project I began in November, spring-boarding myself to a 2,000 plus word output, my best day of 2020.

I don’t think I will ever make a habit of writing out of order but knowing when to turn a story like a kaleidoscope focusing on something completely different is now yet another method I can use when my characters stop talking.

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