I’m thankful to have a partner that is still able to work as we try making the best out of this whole situation. That being said I have not been the best partner, while she is working. I have been lazy and somewhat selfish. I still cannot understand why I slid back into old habits but after two lengthy talks…well practices in listening on my part about the undue extra stress I have been putting on her I have turned a corner, I think. Only time will tell. 

My writing has been minimal for the last week after finding an excellent community called No Sleep ‘Til Bookdun (love the name) where they have consistent word sprints and overall positive outlook on progress for the sake of progress, quality be damned! That’s what subsequent drafts are for! Unfortunately after a rather fervent first day in the community, my writing was back to zero in favor of the visual stimuli including video games as I burned through three whole days with minimal eating but again the top paragraph is a work of fiction and not a reflection of my current habits, just a basis for the point I am about to make.

I have always treated writing as a productive outlet for extra energy, thought processes, or dreams that I can only remember in fleeting images as I awake. All of these things pull the lid off the boiling pot that is my brain on a normal basis and even writing this I am watching the frothing bubbles of the water dissipate revealing the pasta bouncing amongst the rolling boil. Yet I push it aside when I think I’ve done enough to deserve a break or simply pick it up later in the day after that third or fourth hour of gaming. It never happens as before I know it, the sun has set and the cat’s are yowling to be fed.

This week serves as a reminder that I need to be more aware of what needs to be done regardless of unstructured time. Otherwise I am liable to start clawing at the walls. It’s not a good look and it’s something I have to work on. Why am I saying this? Well, not everyone has that creative outlet. Even if I can go weeks without using it, I’m thankful I have it and with most everything closed I find it keeps me out of my head especially since it is difficult for me (excuse alert) to stay active which doesn’t help. As of three weeks ago, I gained twenty pounds making myself the heaviest I’ve ever been. I miss the gym for the mental outlet as much as the physical outlet and the workout from home videos my gym has been posting aren’t much help. It’s a weird feeling but I feel doughy regardless of whether I carry the weight well (a common response I have gotten from coworkers and health professionals). It’s not their fault, but I feel that twenty pounds in my shoulders and back where a pinched nerve and two healed compression fractures has apparently shifted according to my chiropractor. I just don’t want it on my body for those reasons.

I know the week has been difficult for many people and to the educators, retail workers, and service industry professionals I’m with you as I’m one of you but to those that are still working be safe and stay healthy. You are just as appreciated. And for those stuck at home taking your pet out for their fifteenth walk in how many days, keep your heads up and check on one another even if it’s just to let them know they’re being thought of.

On a personal note, I have a lot of friends who are voracious readers. There have been books I haven’t read (obviously) and I have been polling them as I compile a list of books to be read ranging from philosophy and politics to literary classics and contemporary best sellers. That list is currently over two-hundred books long. It’s a way for me to challenge myself to read more widely and soak up some of the extra down time I have been experiencing recently. So much so that I am thinking of repaying some of them with reading some of my more recent work.

It’s already been a weird week. I think myself and my partner would agree with that but there’s more to come and I’m keeping my head up looking outward instead of inward. And with that said I’m offering my time and energy to my fellow writing community (I’ve informally offered this on my Twitter): Regardless of the genre, if you have anything that you have written, scribbled on a bar napkin or in the margins of a notebook and need a beta-reader, critique, or proofread and edited for grammar and consistency then please don’t hesitate to comment down below here, direct message me on Twitter, or my page on Facebook. This has been one of my favorite parts of the process since I began writing back in 2008 and hopefully it is a way for me to keep my internal editor busy so that he isn’t the words I’m writing myself. 

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