I’ll Let You Know When My Head Stops Spinning

If you’ve signed up for emails from my blog, firstly thank you. It really means a lot that you want to hear my ramblings no matter how rare they are. Secondly, if you wondered what happened to a ‘May 2020’ post please allow me to quell your anxious hearts. I live in a beach town in South Carolina which means that May starts what we locally call as season. What this means is regardless of current travel advisories visitors will always descend upon us. Regardless of these unfortunate circumstances (The pandemic not the visitors. We’re a vacation town that thrives off tourism!), I am thankful to have found a new job in an essential industry namely Heating and Air Conditioning. I’m not climbing into attics or installing ductwork but supporting the techs out in the field and managing the plethora of inventory and equipment items that makes these machines blow cool cool air into our clients homes. And it turns out that I’m really good at it! Thanks Tina Stanton for teaching me inventory management! You should check out her blog too, I hear she’s awesome.

What that means is that I needed to adjust to a brand new schedule. From waking up at 5:30 AM to getting off at four or five in the evening is a huge adjustment for any neurotypical brain but with the extra spice of ADHD, it’s like pressing the reset button on your favorite game and only posting 761 words in June is not my idea of creative productivity. But if we look at the  hundred emails, thousands of notes, and praise from my boss in regards to my word choice when sending interoffice memos then the writing chops are being stretched just in a different direction.

I barely thought about writing at work as creative until my boss pulled me into her office for help with drafting an email to the sales manager which was a surprise to me as I needed my fiancee to look over my emails several times before sending. With two bosses in the last three years stressing the importance of a paper trail I don’t see my compulsive note taking or excel sheets growing tiresome. It’s still the busiest time of year and will be  until late August and while I’m coming out of a nasty ADHD spike and the subsequent depression dip I can say that nothing has fallen apart or burned down just yet.

I will try my best to update my twitter more this month than the last two though I will “disappear” for a good two weeks from July 7-July 21. I will be working nonstop from beginning to end so if you have funny pictures, memes, or cute pictures of animals they are greatly appreciated. It’s going to a head down sprint for the next two weeks. On this note I want to say a personal thank you to Reyadh Rahaman (you can check out his writing here). If you enjoy fantasy and horror please check him out. His periodic check-ins and constant likes and retweets on twitter have kept me from looking upon my own works with guilt ridden eyes (for not writing, that is).


One thought on “I’ll Let You Know When My Head Stops Spinning

  1. Reyadh Rahaman says:

    Happy to hear you’re doing well, Adam! Congratulations with adjusting to the new changes. It’s never easy to deal with things like that.

    Every way in which you read and write will increase your skills. Even reading notes, writing emails, and similar can greatly improve your talents in ways you might not be able to predict. Even something as simple as becoming used to typing larger and larger amounts can be considered ‘stamina training’ for writers.

    Keep kicking ass, dude.

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